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Grand Canyon 1-day Summer Rim-to-Base Back Kaibab-Angel-Trail Hike

Glad to finally get this one-off the hiking bucket list! Just hiked this route last week on June 2nd. The Canyon Rim-to-Base Kaibab-to-Angel hike is a 27 kilometer route with a 1.5 kilometer descent followed by a 1.3 kilometer ascent. Is it hard? The range of disparate answers you’ll find for that simple question is nuts. On one hand you’ll see fit marathon runners talking about it as the hardest hike of their lives and on the other you’ll see mild-mannered older folk talking about how relaxing and fun the trek was. Frankly, it boils down to a few basic factors. The first thing to get out-of-the-way is the distance/elevation, the hike is at its heart a simple 17 mile hike with a +/- 1 mile ascent and descent. If you’ve done hill hiking before along similar distances there’s really nothing magically different about the trail itself (i.e. insanely steep …

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