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EGI Hydrocel sLORETA coordinates and Transform Files

Past few months have been crazy with postdoc interviewing and paper writing. Just thought I’d take a few minutes out to share some useful files for folks interested in analyzing EEG data from the 256 channel EGI Hydrocel System in sLORETA. Can be a pain figuring out how transform the EGI coordinates to the standardized MNI space in order to estimate an sLORETA transformation matrix, so this’ll might save you some time if you’re trying to do that. These files assume Cz has been retained but just go ahead and delete the last line of the .sxyz file in your favorite text editor and use that file to recompute the sLORETA transform if you’ve dumped Cz from your files. Happy Analyzing!

Coordinate file : Hydrocel_257_coordinates.sxyz

sLORETA spinv transformation coordinates : Hydrocel_257_coordinates

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