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Temporal-Spatial Decomposition in ERP Analysis : A General Introduction

Most of my work focuses on EEG related measures. While I do conduct some single-trial, time-frequency, electrotomographic and connectivity based analyses, it’s hard to disregard the rich body of work involving classic ERP components. I suppose the analogue to “Ahh, but does it run Crysis” in the EEG world might be “Ahh, but does it P300”? (the overlap in the Venn diagrams of folks who get those jokes is might be fairly small, but I think it’s funny so it stays!). Focusing on the simple case of finding a P300, say to an auditory oddball paradigm. Imagine you went all out on equipment and collected some awesome 256 electrode high density datasets. What next? How do you decide When and Where that P300 component arises? No problem! I’ll just look at the literature and use what other folks use. A few hours later, you’re surrounded by papers proclaiming the P300 is …

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